Completed projects

Here you can find information about projects that were implemented from the time of the establishment of the organisation until March 2023.

1000 heroes in the snow

  1. In October 2022, MTÜ Slava Ukraini, in cooperation with Postimees and the IT company Solutional, launched a donation campaign 1000 Heroes In the Snow to purchase winter uniforms for Ukrainian soldiers.

Initially, it was planned to acquire 1,000 sets, but due to the great interest of donors, the goal was to acquire 2,000 winter uniforms. A total of 827,010.90 euros was collected as donations.


The uniforms were ordered from the Dnipro factory with the help of our Ukrainian partners. The cost of one set was approximately 400 euros.  A total of 2,300 sets were produced, of which 2,299 have been handed over, and one set is kept as a sample in the warehouse of a former cooperation partner. Winter uniforms were distributed to cooperation units of Slava Ukraini all over the front line (eg, Mykolayiv-Kherson, Donetsk, Bahmut), whereas 463 uniforms were distributed in 2022, the remaining 1,836 forms in early 2023.

The set of a winter uniform consisted of the following parts: a winter jacket, winter pants, fleece, warm underwear, balaclava hat, snow suit and winter hat.

Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC)


In 2022, MTÜ Slava Ukraini started providing TCCC, ie, tactical combat casualty care training for providing first aid to battle victims with the help of our cooperation partners. It is a specially focused first aid training, which, based on evidence, reduces the death toll on the battlefield and (thanks to correct first aid techniques) reduces the burden of rehabilitation. Soldiers who have completed the TCCC training know how to correctly use the items in the individual first aid kit (IFAK).

In 2022, we worked with three different partners: NGO Koleso in cooperation with S-ARMS OÜ, who conducted four training sessions (for approximately 120 people) and cooperation was also tested with Yaroslava Aidat Mazuri. From June 2022, Slava Ukraini decided to continue cooperation with the organisation PULSE, which turned out to be the best and most capable cooperation partner. As a result of the cooperation, PULSE trained 3,635 Ukrainian soldiers in 2022.  It is estimated that every soldier who has received the appropriate training can provide life-saving first aid to up to ten fellow soldiers around them. Therefore, nearly 36,350 soldiers have presumably benefited from the training. Training sessions have been offered all over Ukraine, especially in Eastern and Southern Ukraine and, if necessary, also in the very front line areas.   Various different units have taken part in the training: infantry, air force, border guard, navy defenders, land force, territorial defence units, national defence, police, security service, etc. Help and knowledge are still very much needed, and therefore, in cooperation with PULSE, we will continue to train the Armed Forces of Ukraine in 2023.

Ambulance and guerrilla ambulance project

At the beginning of the war, old ambulance vehicles were bought from Estonia and abroad and transported to various Ukrainian military units and local hospitals. The project was led by the Tallinn Old Town Rotary Club and Slava Ukraini helped with the logistics and finding recipients of ambulance vehicles. In this way, 46 fully equipped ambulances were delivered to Ukraine by the 24th of April 2022.


As the war progressed and according to the feedback from the front line, it was realised that a large classic ambulance vehicle is not the best choice to operate near the front line, because it is a good target for the enemy and it is difficult to repair it in case of a hit or wear.

That is why the guerilla ambulance concept was born: an ambulance vehicle that is simple, lightweight, with a few electronic devices, and as reliable as possible. The guerilla ambulance is designed to transport the wounded in poor terrain and can be repaired by anyone having basic knowledge of vehicle repair. Under the guidance of Slava Ukraini, the content of the ambulance vehicles was redesigned based on the actual needs. The concept was developed in cooperation with the front line medics of Ukraine, Silwi Autoehitus and the responsible ambulance technician of the Ambulance Centre of the North Estonia Medical Centre.

Ambulance vehicles have been taken to service by both the military and hospitals.

The completion of ten vehicles was fully supported by Merko Ehitus, later guerilla ambulances were built locally in Ukraine. Voluntary rescuers from Türi have consistently helped with the transportation of the vehicles.


A total of 434,685.16 euros of donor money was spent on the guerilla ambulance project in 2022. While the vehicles were initially rebuilt in Estonia, they were later re-constructed on-site in Ukraine.

Estonian sauna to Ukraine

The project has been initiated as a joint project of Slava Ukraini, Toompea District of the Estonian Defence League and OÜ Huum. Funds were collected for a mobile sauna complex capable of serving an entire battalion.

The sauna has an independent water and electricity supply with a separate support machine. It is possible to set up a recreation tent with a heat blower in front of the sauna, where it would be possible to change clothes. A separate vehicle supports the functions of the sauna, which ensures the water supply for the sauna.

Through MTÜ Slava Ukraini, funds were collected and two saunas were sent to Ukraine. The Defence Forces also contributed to the acquisition of the first sauna, and the sauna was sent to the Karpatska Sich battalion. The second sauna went to the Crimean Tatar battalion at the beginning of 2023. Both battalions are volunteer battalions, and advice on the selection of the battalions was sought from the Estonian Embassy in Kyiv.


From 03.11 to 31.12.2022, 39,755 euros were collected for the sauna project. While the budget for the first sauna project was estimated to be at 37,700 euros, 14,600 euros were actually spent. Savings came primarily from the trucks and laundry containers donated by the Estonian Defence Forces. The money saved was transferred to the budget for the next sauna set. Another sauna was purchased for the remaining amount in 2023.

Today, a new organisation, NGO Saunas for Ukraine, was born from this initiative

Providing humanitarian aid – Christmas of Hope aid package

The Christmas of Hope charity campaign was launched in cooperation with Postimees. The goal was to give 100,000 Ukrainians living on the front line and in the liberated villages of Ukraine an aid package containing essential food, hygiene items, and blankets and pillows.

Food donated by Estonians as well as foodstuffs and hygiene items purchased from Ukraine were used to complete the packages. The blankets and pillows were produced in the Dnipro factory, and the aid packages were also packed in Ukraine to support the Ukrainian economy by providing a stable income to the people there.

Contents of the aid package: buckwheat, rice, instant oatmeal, pasta, tomato sauce, long-lasting milk, flour, salt, sugar, sunflower oil, canned meat, canned fish, chocolate, tea, toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, shampoo-shower gel, household soap, warm blanket and pillows, long-burning candles, matches, flashlight and extra batteries for the flashlight. In addition, woollen socks, gloves, hats and scarves knitted by Estonians were included in the packages in cooperation with the campaign initiated by Reet Linna.

In total, we managed to collect 1,334,139.12 euros in donations for the campaign, for which 18,600 aid packages were purchased for 37,200 people. The aid packages were distributed at the end of 2022 and at the beginning of 2023 to people living in the front line areas (Izjum, Balakliya, Bahmut, Herzon, Hulyaipol, Orhiv, Nikopol, Marganets).


Over the whole year, vehicles moving towards Ukraine were loaded with medical equipment, hygiene products, food, etc, needed by Ukrainians. More specific resources (such as tourniquets) were purchased, but various in-kind donations were also collected. Lists of needed items were posted on Facebook and on the website, and people could bring items to various donation points.

Supporting Ukraine in other ways

In addition to the above, in 2022, 32 four-wheel-drive vehicles were delivered to various military units of Ukraine, which were primarily intended for transporting various items and soldiers to the front line.

Items and food donated by Estonians or bought for donations were sent to Ukrainian soldiers.


In 2022, the MTÜ Slava Ukraini supported the purchase of equipment for the modular hospital brought to Ukraine by the Estonian state (the total cost of which is approximately 8 million euros) with 120,000 euros (including the purchase of breathing apparatus).