Difficult times make people breathe together and strain so that no words can describe that.

Our charity project started because of Johanna-Maria. Before undertaking this action, she was waiting for her family from Ukraine to Tallinn. Yet she was not the one who was forced to fled home with instant notice, leaving behind everyone and whatever was dear.

Her first Facebook post spread like wildfire. Hundreds of people wanted to help during only a few first hours, supporting both financially and by donating necessary things. The basement of her home, as well as her neighbors’ cellars were filled with donated items. Even today, this seems incredible to her and the people who help, how so much goodness and hope can be created together in support of the Ukrainians.

And then Johanna-Maria was brought together with the representatives of the Tallinn Old Town Rotary Club. It got quite different dimensions, incredible contacts and networking. With the resources of the Estonian Rotary clubs, an effective humanitarian operation was created, which is growing every second today. This is only the beginning. Every hour invested helps someone, every euro donated has an effect.

Thanks to our supporters and the Estonian Rotary clubs, 57 ambulances have already arrived in Ukraine, some of which are on the front and others in civilian hospitals. New ambulances are gathered constantly in Tallinn, which will soon be on their way to Ukraine.

Help and impact in numbers

As of today, the NGO has already delivered 57 ambulances to Ukraine, along with medical supplies and other assistance needed to save lives. In Tallinn, however, we continue to collect donations to quickly send the next cars, together with the most essential aid, to the war zone.

In cooperation with Estonian and Ukrainian volunteers, the NGO has created a network that helps bring us information about the most critical areas that is most needed. With the help of donors and volunteers, we assemble ambulances, medical equipment and supplies and everything else in Estonia and send them to the affected hospitals and maternity hospitals all over Ukraine.


In addition to the ambulance, the children’s hospitals and maternity hospitals in the affected areas receive the medical supplies that the hospitals have asked for, and we have done it at a speed that seems incredible to ourselves also.

In only a few weeks, thousands of supporters have gathered around us – a number of good people who have all found the opportunity to contribute. Dozens and dozens of organisations have provided financial support to NGOs and helped us procure and deliver the necessary medical supplies. Hundreds of individuals have come to our aid as volunteers and made donations. A number of experts in their field have offered their skills to the NGO free of charge, and well-known artists and media outlets have come together to raise money to buy ambulances and other necessary medical supplies. We have opened collection locations in both Tallinn and Tartu and are expanding further. A large number of Estonian people help to share our information on a daily basis and are in their spirit together with Ukrainian friends.


Riigikaitse Edendamise SA
Oma Grupp

Many thanks to everyone who helped to launch Slava Ukraini Citizens’ Initiative.