The activities of Slava Ukraini can be divided into two stages.


The non-profit organisation MTÜ Slava Ukraini was established on the 7th of March 2022 as a reaction to Russia’s full-scale aggression in Ukraine. In its early activities, Slava Ukraini was distinguished by its quick action. Among other items, we sent ambulances to the front line and self-built guerilla ambulances and four-wheel drive vehicles to the military units. A large number of medical aids for both hospitals and the front line, as well as various consumables for soldiers, were also sent to Ukraine. In cooperation with our Ukrainian partners, tactical medicine training was conducted for Ukrainian military personnel. At the end of 2022, a large-scale donation campaign was launched to distribute humanitarian aid packages in front line areas. Read more below about the projects that have already taken place. In the early spring of 2023, a controversy emerged in Estonia and Ukraine concerning the utilisation of funds by certain partners in Ukraine. These activities and the donations used for these activities are under criminal investigation in Estonia and Ukraine.


As of the summer of 2023, various changes have taken place in the organisation: a new manager commenced their role and operational procedures were restructured in order to align their actions with the ethical guidelines of non-governmental organisations. The roles of the general assembly, the council and the board have been clearly agreed, so that the boundaries of responsibility are clear, and the separation of powers and the control of financial resources are guaranteed. Slava Ukraini no longer works with the partners in Ukraine who are subject to criminal proceedings.


Today, Slava Ukraini bases its work on the code of ethics of non-governmental organisations, and we are preparing to join the good practice of collecting donations.


Based on its goal, Slava Ukraini:

  1. provides assistance to the military to organise medical operations at the front line,
  2. provides Ukraine’s military and civilian population with the skills, knowledge and tools to deal with war damage.

In its activities, Slava Ukraini is completely dependent on donations. Up to 10% of the donations are used for the general expenses of the organisation (salaries of employees, office expenses, etc).

You can find information about ongoing projects here.


Here you can find information about projects that were implemented from the time of the establishment of the organisation until March 2023.