Ongoing projects

Here you can find information about projects that started in May 2023.

Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC)

Tactical combat casualty care (TCCC) training is organised in cooperation with the Ukrainian organisation PULSE. Within the framework of the ongoing cooperation agreement (which lasts from May this year to January 2024), we can train 8,100 soldiers. Tactical medicine training teaches life-saving first aid techniques on the battlefield. It is estimated that a trained soldier saves the lives of up to 10 people around them.


The price of training one soldier is 16.30 euros. The price of training one soldier is 16.30 euros. We publish weekly reviews about the training and the number of trained soldiers on our Facebook and Instagram channels. A total of 132,030 euros for training was collected in February 2023 in the TV charity programme Long live Estonia! Slava Ukraini.

MilSpray camouflage paints

In cooperation with MilSpray, a company that grew out of a student company, 24,000 cans of spray-on camouflage paints are sent to the Ukrainian army at the request of the Minister of Defence of Ukraine.


Since MilSpray colours are in the form of a spray instead of a regular paste, they can be applied quickly and efficiently. The spray is more skin-friendly and easier to wash off than the paste.


The cost of the project is 54,000 euros and it is covered by funds donated by donors.

Guerilla ambulances

MTÜ Slava Ukraini re-started the front line ambulance project, in the framework of which 18 guerilla ambulances will be sent to Ukraine from August to November. The approximate cost of one vehicle is 12,200 euros, which includes the purchase costs of the vehicle, its transportation to Ukraine, maintenance repairs, cost of registration and two spare tires.

An important part of the project is the conversion of the vehicle into a guerilla ambulance based on certain requirements, which include, for example, emptying the vehicle, installing easy-to-clean covers, installing the basket system necessary for transporting the wounded, painting the vehicle, installing window covers and other necessary works. Since ambulances often drive on difficult roads and very fast, the budget also includes 800 euros per one vehicle for future maintenance works. The project budget is covered by donations already received by the non-profit organisation.