Ukrainian soldier examines the woolen socks donated to the unit

How do we support Ukraine?

Slava Ukraini provides assistance for the armed forces of Ukraine in arranging medical activities in the frontline as well as skills, knowledge and tools to deal with war damage.


Today we focus to frontline medicine.


The activities of Slava Ukraini depend entirely on donations. Up to 10% of the donations are used for general expenses of the organization (salaries, office expenses etc.).

In its activities, Slava Ukraini relies on the code of ethics of non-governmental organizations and has joined with the good practice of collecting donations.

From the 1st of October 2022, MTÜ Slava Ukraini is included in the list of organizations with income tax benefits.

Our activities are transparent. Since 2023, Slava Ukraini publishes the overview of received donations and incurred expenses. We update the table once a month.

What do we rase money for?

Ongoing projects
Completed projects
Each Blood Drop Counts

In collaboration with PULSE, an organization we’ve been working with previously, we want to improve the blood transfusion capabilities in front-line stabilization points. Fast evacuation and a blood transfusion as soon as possible after blood loss increases the survival rates of fighters in the time horizon of both 24 hours as well as 30 days.

Building guerilla-ambulances

We buy and rebuild vans as guerilla ambulances. Those are used by Ukrainian military units to evacuate wounded soldiers from the front-line. Guerilla ambulances are built for navigating difficult terrain. The landscape may in some places be too rough for the van. It can also happen that there’s no place to take cover, or there’s a minefield on the track. In this case, we send units ATV-s with carriers to save the wounded with more flexibility and speed.

Refrigerated vehicles

Two units have asked us for refrigerated vehicles that can transport the dead bodies of fallen fighters.

Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) training with PULSE

Since May 2023 until December 2023, 8619 soldiers have completed the PULSE training and know how provide life-saving first aid on the battlefield. 

MilSpray camouflage paints

In cooperation with MilSpray, a company that grew out of a student company, 24,000 cans of spray-on camouflage paints are sent to the Ukrainian army at the request of the Minister of Defence of Ukraine.

Cooperation project with Estonian Defence League

In August 2023, Estonian Defence League run an equipment project that was funded by Slava Ukraini. Vision equipment, range finders and drones were provided to the snipers and sharpshooters in two Ukrainian brigades.

1000 heroes in the snow

In October 2022, MTÜ Slava Ukraini, in cooperation with Postimees and the IT company Solutional, launched a donation campaign 1000 Heroes In the Snow to purchase winter uniforms for Ukrainian soldiers.

Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC)

In 2022, MTÜ Slava Ukraini started providing TCCC, ie, tactical combat casualty care training for providing first aid to battle victims with the help of our cooperation partners. It is a specially focused first aid training, which, based on evidence, reduces the death toll on the battlefield and (thanks to correct first aid techniques) reduces the burden of rehabilitation. Soldiers who have completed the TCCC training know how to correctly use the items in the individual first aid kit (IFAK).

Ambulance and guerrilla ambulance project

At the beginning of the war, old ambulance vehicles were bought from Estonia and abroad and transported to various Ukrainian military units and local hospitals. The project was led by the Tallinn Old Town Rotary Club and Slava Ukraini helped with the logistics and finding recipients of ambulance vehicles. In this way, 46 fully equipped ambulances were delivered to Ukraine by the 24th of April 2022.

Estonian sauna to Ukraine

The project has been initiated as a joint project of Slava Ukraini, Toompea District of the Estonian Defence League and OÜ Huum. Funds were collected for a mobile sauna complex capable of serving an entire battalion. The sauna has an independent water and electricity supply with a separate support machine. It is possible to set up a recreation tent with a heat blower in front of the sauna, where it would be possible to change clothes. A separate vehicle supports the functions of the sauna, which ensures the water supply for the sauna.

Providing humanitarian aid – Christmas of Hope aid package

The Christmas of Hope charity campaign was launched in cooperation with Postimees. The goal was to give 100,000 Ukrainians living on the front line and in the liberated villages of Ukraine an aid package containing essential food, hygiene items, and blankets and pillows. Food donated by Estonians as well as foodstuffs and hygiene items purchased from Ukraine were used to complete the packages. The blankets and pillows were produced in the Dnipro factory, and the aid packages were also packed in Ukraine to support the Ukrainian economy by providing a stable income to the people there.

Supporting Ukraine in other ways

In the early days of the organization, NGO Slava Ukraini organized various aid to Ukraine.

Shadows of the past

In the early spring of 2023, a controversy emerged in Estonia and Ukraine concerning the utilisation of funds by certain partners in Ukraine. These activities and the donations used for these activities are under criminal investigation in Estonia and Ukraine.


As of the summer of 2023, various changes have taken place in the organisation: a new manager commenced their role and operational procedures were restructured in order to align their actions with the ethical guidelines of non-governmental organisations. The roles of the general assembly, the council and the board have been clearly agreed, so that the boundaries of responsibility are clear, and the separation of powers and the control of financial resources are guaranteed. Slava Ukraini no longer works with the partners in Ukraine who are subject to criminal proceedings.

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