NGO Slava Ukraini 

A citizens’ initiative, which was launched with the support of Estonian Rotary clubs. 


About the NGO

Established on March 7, 2022 NGO Slava Ukraini focuses on medical supplies, first aid equipment, humanitarian aid, transport and stabilization equipment for the wounded, medical equipment, and tactical medical training in Ukraine. 

Our focus

We continue to build guerrilla ambulances and improve them as needed. Guerrilla ambulance is a special vehicle for transporting the wounded in contested areas.
We continue to train Ukrainian medics in tactical medicine. A person who has completed the tactical medical training can save at least 15 people, and the Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK), allows the wounded to survive. The supplies and medical combat training we provide for people is making a big difference in the survivability of front-line units and civilians caught in contested areas. 

Our goal

Our goal is to provide medical and humanitarian assistance to Ukraine in cooperation with many organisations and individuals. The NGO Slava Ukraini team works with direct contacts in Eastern Ukraine and Estonia. We have a deep understanding of the needs in Ukraine and we can respond quickly – life-saving help must reach the people and places that need it the most!