Slava Ukraini!

MTÜ Slava Ukraini, founded in 2022, is a non-profit organisation operating in the public interest, whose goal is to support the military and civilian population of Ukraine with life-protecting and life-saving aid. In order to achieve its goals, the non-profit organisation provides assistance to the Ukrainian military to organise medical activities at the front line and provides the Ukrainian military and civilians with the skills, knowledge and tools to deal with war damage. 

Guerilla-ambulance ready to be handed over to the unit. September 2023 in Dnipro

In its activities, Slava Ukraini relies on the code of ethics of non-governmental organizations and has joined with the good practice of collecting donations.

From the 1st of October 2022, MTÜ Slava Ukraini is included in the list of organizations with income tax benefits.

Contribute to the ongoing support for Ukraine

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Donate by calling

If you prefer to donate by phone, call our donation numbers:

+372 900 2406 - 10€
+372 900 2407 - 25€
+372 900 2408 - 50€

By bank transfer

When donating by bank transfer, it is necessary to put down your personal identification number in the explanation field, so that when you submit your income tax return, your donation data can be automatically forwarded to the tax office and you can request an income tax refund.

Recipient's name: MTÜ Slava Ukraini
Account number: EE727700771007665845
Payment explanation: Donation

Support so far


ambulances and guerilla-ambulances have been sent to the front.


ATVs have been acquired and sent to the front together with trailer to improve frontline evacuation capability.


Ukrainan soldiers have undergone combat medicine training and are able to provide life-saving aid.

24 000

cans of MilSpray camouflage paint have reached Ukrainian soldiers.

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