NGO Slava Ukraini – overview of Activities in February

MTÜ Slava Ukraini continues its activities also in 2024, as the Russian aggression in Ukraine is still ongoing. We are fully dependent on donations to achieve our goals. 

  • Since August 2023 we have acquired 33 ambulances, of which 22 have been passed on
  • We have acquired four ATVs with trailers
  • We have done additional repairs to four ambulances
  • We have compiled a manual for rebuilding the cars
  • In November 2023 adopted the best practices for gathering donations
  • In Februrary we launched “Every drop counts” donation campaign 
  • In February we collected 4419,51 in donations

Building guerilla ambulances

The guerilla ambulance is used to transport wounded soldiers from the front to a safer location, where first aid can continue or they can be transported to a hospital with a regular ambulance. Guerilla ambulances are built for navigating difficult terrain. It can happen that the landscape is too rough, that there is no place to take cover or that there’s a minefield at the location of the rescue. Because of that we have procured two ATV-s with a carrier to improve the flexibility and speed of conducting rescue missions.

From August of 2023 to today we have acquired 33 cars, of which 22 have been handed over. Five are awaiting final service repairs and rebuilding in Ukraine. The rest are in service repairs in Estonia. By today we have handed over three ATVs and one is on its way to Ukraine. A more thorough accounting of the expenses can be found in our expense reports (in Estonian).

Thanks to the generosity of our donators, we have been able to continue with the guerilla ambulance project, but we need additional donations to continue our operations.

We have compiled a manual for rebuilding the cars to make communication easier in both Estonia and Ukraine and through that, further guarantee the reliability of the vehicles in harsh conditions.

We have commited EUR 800 alongside each car we deliver for additional repairs, such as fixing shock absorbers or sending additional wheels. We have already funded the repairs for some of the cars.


As of May 9th, the date when changes took place in the board of the organization, the amount of donations on the NGO’s accounts was about EUR 664 000. In 2023, Slava Ukraini collected EUR 1,024,364.09 of donations.

In February, EUR 4419,51 was donated.

As of February we have been accepted to the list of charities who adopt the best practices for gathering donations (in Estonian).

There are still criminal procedures underway in both Estonia and Ukraine to shed light on how the donations were used before March 2023.

You can find our expense reports (in Estonian) on our website, which we update monthly.

We are collecting donations for the following projects: 

  • We aim to send an additional 20 guerilla ambulances and 10 ATVs to the front lines by spring 2024. These vehicles allow units to evacuate wounded soldiers to safety, where life-saving first aid can be given. The total expense for the project is EUR 289,000. Donations can be sent to EE727700771007665845 using “guerilla” as the reference. Using received donations we have procured 14 guerilla ambulances and four ATV, but need more donations to continue with this project.
  • We want to improve the blood transfusion capabilities working together with our previous collaborator PULSE in frontline stabilization points. Fast evacuation and a blood transfusion administered immediately after the blood loss increases survival rates. We aim to support four units. The total expense is EUR 236,750, which includes training the medics and supplying the equipment. Donations can be sent to EE927700771008965285 using “veri” as the reference.
  • Two units have asked us for refrigerated vehicles that can transport the dead bodies of fallen fighters. One vehicle (including the car, maintenance, stretchers, tires and transport to Ukraine) is EUR 12,111 euros. Please help us supply the vehicles to the units. Using the donations from December and January we have purchased one refrigerated vehicle, but we rely on your continued support to procure the other one for the second unit. Donations can be sent to EE767700771008377365 using “külmik” as the reference.

All the listed expenses include operational costs, which amount to approximately ten percent of the total.

Find out how to donate on our home page.

A big thank you to everyone who has donated so far!

NGO Slava Ukraini is a non-profit organization that was founded in 2022 to act in public interest with the goal of supporting the armed forces and the civilian population of Ukraine with life-protecting and life-saving aid. To achieve the goals, NGO Slava Ukraini provides assistance for the armed forces of Ukraine in arranging medical activities in the frontline as well as skills, knowledge and tools to deal with war damage.